Saturday, February 21, 2015

Book Review: The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant chronicles)

The Kiss of Deception:

(Description with Spoilers)
The story is about this girl called Lia and she needs to marry a prince but she doesn't want that. So she flees away on the wedding day with pauline. Together they go to the place where pauline growed up. Everything is fine until (spoiler) the prince and her murderer show up. She doesn't know who they actually are but she know them as Rafe and Kaden. Yep that's a love triangle! After her brother comes to her for help, she needs to go to her home again to marry the Prince. But the murderer doesn't let that happen and abduct her. And then the prince wants to safe her and goes after her. If you want to know how it ends, Just read the story (Btw: There's also a prequel !! 'The heart of betrayal')

(without Spoilers)
In a society steeped in tradition, Princess Lia's life follows a preordained course. As first Daughter, she is expected to have the revered gift of sight, but she doesn't, and she knows her parents are perpetrating a sham when they arrange her marriage to secure an alliance with a neigh boring kingdom, to a prince she never met.
On the mourning of her wedding. LIa flees to a distant village. She settles into a new life, hopeful when two mysterious and handsome strangers arrive, and unaware that one is the prince and the other the assassin that was send to kill her. Lia finds herself unlocking all the secrets and even fall in love.

I really loved this book! There where 2-3 parts I didn't like or where boring. But the rest of the story was awesome. I loved the story, the characters, the places, the weird language and the love triangle. I loved it soooo much and look at the cover!! It's.So.Beautiful. Just look at it ! I mean it can't be prettier. Mary E Pearson you did a fantastic job ! SO EVERYBODY just read it!!

I give this book 4,5 hearts and it's totally worth it!
Song I was listening while reading: Christina Perri - Human (don't judge my music taste please)

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